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Reiki Healing Session


The session begins with a brief guided meditation to relax your body,  quiet your mind and focus inward. The practitioner works on the front and back of the body by placing her hands for several minutes on specific body positions to release and balance your energy. During the session, you are fully clothed while lying on a massage table. Reiki can also be done while sitting in a chair for a shorter treatment.


The length of the sessions can vary depending on your healing needs and goals. A typical 1-hour session includes a guided meditation, a full body treatment, and time to process your experience before and after the treatment. Spiritual Counseling can be offered to support you in your healing journey in order to process some of the healing insights that arise for you.  Reiki can be incorporated into Integrative Counseling or Feldenkrais sessions to help with relaxation and balance of energy patterns related to your healing goals.