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Principles of Reiki



Usui's System of Natural Healing with Reiki


These principles were developed by Usui as a guide for practitioner training and spiritual development on a daily basis.  He encouraged his students to keep them in mind as part of their daily meditation and reiki practice.


Just for today, let go of anger.

(Choose to heal the past with love and forgiveness in your heart).


Just for today, let go of worry.

(Choose to return to the present moment with trust in the Divine Presence).


Just for today, do your spiritual work honestly.

(Be mindful of your meditation practice and offer your best effort each day).


Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

(Everyone in life is your teacher, learn from all).


Show gratitude and respect to everything.

(Offer a compassionate and open heart to all of life).


~Adapted by Christine Milovani 

 from Mikao Usui, "The Art of Inviting Happiness"