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Philosophy of Reiki

The body has an innate wisdom to heal itself, as does every living thing in nature.


Reiki restores balance, which enhances the body’s ability to naturally heal itself.


Reiki is a healing energy, which is transferred through gentle hand positions with the intention of healing for the highest good of the person.


Reiki is initially used as a personal healing method with meditation and hands-on self-healing.  Once a person has successfully learned the first method, they can learn how to work with others using reiki.

Reiki can also be used for preventive care – such as relaxation, stress reduction and spiritual development. Balancing life energy allows us to maintain health and vitality.


Reiki can be used in conjunction with regular medical care. Reiki is currently being used in medical settings as a complementary therapy for reducing pain, aiding in recovery for surgeries, cancer treatments, heart patients, child birth, hospice, and for chronic pain conditions related to stress.