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Class Payment and Scheduling


Scheduling Reiki Intensive Training:  

Reiki classes for Self-healing are taught on an individual basis.  

You may contact Christine directly at 608-345-1999 to schedule your individual training around a date that works best for both of you. You may request a small group class of 2-3 people if you are interested in taking this training with family members or close friends.


The prices below reflect individual, one-on-one training.

Individual Mentoring / Reiki Sessions for Current Reiki Students

$120 per hour, scheduled and paid individually

Package rate:

$480 for 6 hours of 1:1 sessions scheduled and paid in advance ($80/hr)

$600 for 10 hours of 1:1 sessions scheduled and paid in advance ($60/hr)

Reiki Level 1 – Introduction to Reiki

Self-Healing and Mindful Meditation Practices

6 hours: one-on-one class time & mentoring sessions

Reiki Level 2 / Part One – Deepening Self-Healing

With Reiki symbols and Distance Healing

6 hours: one-on-one class time & mentoring sessions


Reiki Level 2 / Part Two – Practitioner Training & Mentoring

Introduction to working with others

6 hours: one-on-one class time & mentoring sessions


Reiki Level 3 – Advanced Practitioner Certification

Available to current students practicing reiki for more than one year.

6 hrs: one-on-one class time & mentoring sessions


Reiki Level 4 – Teacher Certification

Available only to current students who completed the Advanced Practitioner level with one year of documented experience with minimum of 20 different client sessions as a Reiki Advanced Practitioner.  

10 hours minimum of one-on-one class time & mentoring, with assigned homework to create and present own curriculum for classes.


Mentoring Groups for Current Reiki Students

2-3 hrs of time for ongoing instruction, feedback, and practicing reiki with others

$60 per person, scheduled as students are interested and available.

Philosophy of Teaching:

Christine is a Reiki Teacher who is dedicated to the personal growth and training of her students. Training is often taught on an individual basis to ensure personal attention. Christine is committed to teaching students that understand that true healing comes from within.  She teaches in a manner that creates a mentoring relationship for support and guidance through your journey. Christine teaches this as a path of self-healing and service. Due to the individual attention given during training, pricing and class size may differ from other practitioners.  


Christine also teaches this class with Reiki Level 1 focusing on self-healing, and Reiki Level 2 to deepen the self-healing process, while later offering Practitioner Training and Mentoring for those interested in working with others.  Being a practitioner means that you develop and practice your own spiritual discipline on a daily basis, it does mean one has to work with others.  You may choose to learn and use reiki in your daily life for your own healing and transformation, if you are not interested in working with others.  This process allows the student to develop a personal relationship with reiki and their own healing process, and to proceed with training at a comfortable pace.  Christine encourages one to interview and ask questions of each teacher to find the one that is most appropriate for your learning goals and healing journey.


Optional and highly recommended to deepen ones personal journey is to have 1-2 Individual Sessions prior to starting to learn reiki for yourself, and a follow-up session one month after finishing the class.