Healing & Balance LLC

Awareness for your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit           

Reiki as Complementary Care:

Preventative Care 

relaxation, stress management, meditation, and spiritual development helps to keep your body in balance.


Stress related issues

stomach, head, back, etc. can respond very quickly in one or two sessions.  (A change in lifestyle will be needed to keep them from recurring).


Chronic pain 

conditions may need several treatments on a weekly or daily basis for a longer period of time. This is up to the individual’s goals for healing, not dependant on the practitioner.


Medical interventions –

preparing for surgery and to help alleviate pain.


Emotional / Mental Health 

to help balance emotions, calm the mind and reduce stress.


Cancer –

can help reduce side effects of radiation & chemotherapy, and can help with emotional healing needed while going through this process.


Childbirth –

support the mother by helping her to relax, breathe easier, and increase her focus which can help alleviate some of the pain and anxiety.


Hospice Care –

offer moments of peace; ease pain and anxiety. If offered to the family and friends, reiki can support the grieving process and emotions.