Healing & Balance LLC

Awareness for your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit           

Comments from Reiki Student Feedback Forms:

"Very personalized class, tailored to fit my spirit and life plan. Christine

facilitates learning in a positive, open format with her sensitivity and strong personality. This was a life changing class for me!"


"Christine gives great verbal instructions with great visualizations."


"The messages that Christine shares are clearly visible in her personal presence.

Thank you!"


"I really enjoyed the class and believe it has helped me to just let go of the things

that do not matter. Thank you!"


"Christine is simply amazing! She is an excellent teacher!"


"What a wonderful and peaceful way to connect to the world and ourselves!"


"Christine has a very calming voice which helps with concentration and the class itself. I enjoyed the experience very much!"


"Great content. Excellent descriptions of very complex subject matter."


"Christine is very knowledgeable and gave wonderful information that was useful

for my daily life."