Healing & Balance LLC

Awareness for your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit           

Inner Balance Student Feedback:

“This class gave me a connection to and awareness of my body, and a better understanding of my whole self."


“Christine excels in the instruction of these energy-based movements and does a great job keeping the class at ease and relaxed.”


“This class provided me with a new method of meditation that I was previously unfamiliar with.”


“The class is relaxing and energizing, all in one!”


“Thank you for opening my mind and my heart.”


“I love it! I have found that it helped me to relax, find truth in myself and connect with balance.”


“I feel more aware of my energy and it has changed my body mechanics for the better, and I have developed a personal understanding of my own chi / energy.”


“It helps me to relax and clear my mind.”


“I loved this class! I think I really got a feeling of my own inner power.”


“Christine emanates grace and peace. She offers a calm and healing presence to the class. Her gentle voice, demeanor, and movements are inspiring.”