Healing & Balance LLC  •  Christine Milovani, LCSW

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When you learn, teach. When you get, give. 

~Maya Angelou





Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Qigong & Tai Chi Classes:

    -Inner Balance Qigong

    -Mindful Movement

    -Integral Qigong

    -Integral Tai Chi

    -The Healer Within™

    -Tai Chi Easy™



Workshops & Retreats: (3-8 hours)

    -Creating Inner Balance   

    -Healing with EASE

    -Reiki Intensive Training



Reiki Intensive Training: 

Christine has chosen to teach Reiki Classes on an individual basis. She teaches reiki as a path of self-healing which includes a focus on daily mindful mediation practice (Gassho). This creates a solid foundation for mentoring her students through their own healing and spiritual development, while learning the art of working with others at an pace that is perfect for his or her path. See Reiki page for more information.

Inner Balance Qigong:

Christine created a class and retreat series called Inner Balance which has become one of her signature classes in her practice over the last 20 years. Inner Balance™ blends qigong movements with breath awareness, guided imagery, meditation, and chakra energy balancing. Creating Inner Balance is the day retreat format which offers more time for journaling, creative projects, experiential learning, and facilitated group discussions. See Qigong page for more information.