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Integrative Counseling

What is Integrative Counseling?

Integrative Counseling sessions with Christine Milovani, LCSW, are a dynamic process of working through mental, emotional and energetic patterns that are held around specific issues. These sessions may also include a combination of meditation, guided imagery, breath awareness, hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing, reiki and qigong. 

Christine combines her training in social work, counseling, spirituality and the healing arts in order to hold a safe and sacred space for healing. She approaches each person with genuine support, authenticity and an open-heart, while tailoring each session for the person in that moment.
A partnership is created to focus on healing the whole person - body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The goal is to empower a person to heal and transform from within, while increasing coping skills and confidence in daily life.  Sessions include counseling, coaching and consultation, and other modalities to support your goals.  

How can Integrative Counseling benefit me?

Integrative Counseling involves more action oriented work and coaching to review the relationships created with their body, lifestyle choices, thoughts, emotions, job, family, community, and spirituality.  
Solutions for creating balance in life are discussed and supported.  Stress management skills are taught through educational and experiential feedback with reiki, breath awareness, guided imagery and meditation.

As a social worker, Christine is skilled in assessing, problem solving, providing feedback, and connecting to community resources. She can offer advocacy, consultation and support by collaborating with medical professionals to create a holistic plan of care. This can include referrals to practitioners, information about community resources, and the integration of holistic options with your medical care.  She can also support you in lifestyle and behavior changes, with the appropriate levels of ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.  

Payment Options for Individual Sessions:

60 minutes - $100

75 minutes - $120 

90 minutes - $150

~Please inquire for fee arrangements based on economic need prior to your session.

~All payments are due the day of service.

~These sessions are not a substitute for regular medical care or mental health

services. Please contact your physician if you have serious concerns about health.  

~Referrals will be made to a mental health provider or primary care

physician, if needed.