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"Having a heart attack at age 50 is a wake up call. As I reflect over the past decade, this experience of my heart attack introduced me to Christine, and as a result, has brought me greater happiness and a richer life. She has helped me to realize what is truly important in life, and how to balance the stress of a high pressure career and my family life. Christine's counseling approach is open and comfortable.  I have shared my deepest feelings and emotions, which helped me to make major changes and improvements in my life. The internal work that I have done with direction from Christine has made my work and family life more enjoyable. Christine has a wonderful mix of warmth, compassion, caring, and intellect, and I express my highest recommendation for her work as a Counselor, Reiki Practitioner and Clinical Social Worker."
- Paul, Wisconsin


“I highly recommend Christine as a profound teacher and healer who offers mindful presence, compassion, and integrity to all who may cross her path. Our sessions are a time for me to enter a space of vulnerability with self, in knowing that I am embraced by a supportive and stable being. Christine gently illuminates unhelpful patterns, leading one to engage in self-exploration; empowered by the journey. As a result of the work in our sessions, I now view the world, interactions, and people from a more compassionate space in my heart."

– Jenny, Madison, WI


"What I have learned working with Christine will stay with me the rest of my life.  When things get crazy, I know that I have tools to help realign myself. This has helped me with my anxious states, but also with my life in general. Sessions with Christine are supportive, relaxing, accepting, therapeutic and educational. Thank you!"
- Mitch, Wisconsin

"My original goal was to reduce stress in my life due to heart issues. I now have much more awareness of my breathing. I have better management of my stress and visualization of my heart. I also know I am responsible for my own happiness and joy. Every day I think about what makes me happy and what I am doing toward that goal.  My sessions with you have been amazing. You are much more assertive with your counseling and getting to the issues to find resolution.  You are more intuitive than anyone I have ever talked to before, and I was able to completely open up to you. I have never felt a connection like that with a health care professional." 
-W.F., Madison, WI



"Christine, you have made such a difference in my life!  You are my teacher, mentor, friend and professional colleague. Your gentle, intuitive approach to helping others is profoundly effective! Thank you for the good work you have done with clients I have referred to you, and for introducing me to the spiritual side of counseling and personal development."
- Dee Relyea, M.Ed, Career and Life Coach, Madison, WI



"My name is Louise Ennis Ph.D. and I am a psychologist. Through my work with a variety of people I have found that it is often beneficial to combine body work, energy work and movement with traditional talk therapy. I refer clients to Christine because they are able to make the progress they want in a brief period of time as well as having a positive experience.  I have received wonderful feedback from everyone I have sent to Christine. Her style is healing and comforting, and I trust her ethics and boundaries.  I view her as a true professional."
- Louise M. Ennis, Ph.D, Psychologist, Madison, WI



“Christine’s presence is pure love. Her energy is grounded and respectful, and her touch communicates this. If you want to experience the transcendent power of healing in a safe, balanced way, Christine will assist you with utmost integrity. She is particularly gifted in blending eastern and western techniques in complementary care services and has practical knowledge in both areas. She is a wonderful educator, and her classes are highly organized and easy to follow. I consider Christine to be both a personal friend and high quality professional colleague.”
- Kesha L. Engel, BA, CMT, Certified Breathworker, Brookfield, WI