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Philosophy of Healing

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Systems are integral to healing the whole person in balance with personal and community environments. This allows one to find realistic opportunities for growth while creating a balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit, supported by daily personal practices and healthy lifestyle choices for self-care.

Choice is essential for creating system-wide changes for sustainable wellbeing. Making small changes in any area of one's life, begins to effect change in other areas. Starting where the person is ready to make a change ensures an empowered investment in the healing process.


Empowerment is the key to self-healing. The practitioner facilitates a process which supports activating the innate healing power and motivation for an individual to become invested in the healing process. Building on success, and learning new skills to use on a daily basis empowers a person to create and actualize a new vision of health. 

Collaboration with the individual and health care providers creates an integrated approach that respects personal choices for healing and growth. Connecting with family and friends, and referring to appropriate community resources promotes an ongoing support system throughout the healing process.